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This committee is concerned with impairment by alcohol and other drugs, as well as other forms of impairment, as they relate to all significant modes of transportation with particular emphasis on those relationships that are common to more than one mode. A summary of the committee's past activities and plans for the future can be found in the triennial strategic plan.

TRB standing committees identify, develop, and disseminate research need statements for use by practitioners, researchers, and others. For more information, please see the committee's prioritized list of research needspresentations and other information from the last annual meetingcentennial paper on the history of impaired driving and the role of the committee, and the latest circular on drug-impaired driving research needs.

Tara Kelley-Baker 

Jana Price 

Research Coordinator
Eduardo Romano 

Communications Coordinator 
Angela Eichelberger 

Paper Coordinator
Ryan Smith

Meeting Coordinator 
Tara Casanova Powell

TRB Staff Representative
Bernardo B. Kleiner